Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Game Night

I've been feeling rather bad lately because I rarely/almost never spend time with my old friends. Y'know, Kitty and Kero and Bandaid. I only see them two or three times a year. How sad is that?

So I have Kitty and Kero over to play boardgames tonight. I would have had Bandaid come too, if I could, but she lives a hour away so it's really hard to get her here with everyone else. We ended up playing Settler of Catan with Seanie and my brother. It was a good game - lasted a couple of hours - and in the end my brother pulled a victory out of nowhere. Very impressive.

We also played some of the sillier games on the Wii. It was a little weird; it has probably been over a year since I touched my Wii Sports Resort game. I barely even remembered having it. It really is a fun game to play with a group.

Part of me thinks I should make more of an effort to have people over...but part of me also thinks that it's not really appropriate to host people in my parents' house. I mean, Kero and Kitty aren't too bad, because they grew up with me...but when it comes to 'new' friends from college and church and the like, it just seems awkward to invite them. It's not my space to share.

Oh well, just one more motivator for moving out ASAP.
Tags: friends, kero, kitty, seanie
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