Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Fulfilling New Year Resolution #1

Yesterday was my first evening class at Almaden Yoga Studio. I went with Kero. It's the first time in years I'd done 'real' yoga - vs. WiiFit yoga - in years, and I'm feeling it today.

The studio is small, and it was crowded. I'd say between twenty-five and thirty people were crammed in so tightly that we could barely extend our arms without smacking the person next to us. That's kind've a problem when you're doing yoga!

Now, I've taken yoga classes before. I'm no newbie, but I'm rusty - I don't really remember exactly how to do poses. I need a visual reference. Unfortunately, in this crowded studio, I could barely see the teacher, and half the time she didn't demonstrate the pose at all - she only would tell you what to do as she walked through the class. So I'd be struggling to do what I *thought* she wanted, and secretly thinking I was completely off. I know I was doing something wrong when I was trying to do the Hundred - every time I tried to lift my head and shoulders into position I felt a sharp screaming pain in my neck. The teacher wasn't anywhere around to ask for help, so I ended up lying on my back and not really doing the exercise. I'll try to get there early next Monday and ask about modifications, but it was really annoying at the time.

In spite of that, I don't feel too sore today. When I'm walking I feel a slight tightness in my thighs, but it's a very indistinct pain so it doesn't bother me. I'm going to try to go two-three times a week, because I've really been needing to get more active...and I think I've been putting on a couple of pounds too. Not good.
Tags: exercise, yoga

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