Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

What did you want to know about me anyway?

Name- Samantha Houston, except when I'm telling the truth
Birthday- 5/22/84
How old are you mentally- don't know, don't care
Zodiac- Green Rat born in the month of the Red Dragon. (I meant Gemini, of course.)
Eye color- Brown
Hair color- Brown
Nationality- Mutt with a dash of Chinese.
Hobbies- Stuff
Do you collect anything- Stuff
What is in your collection- If you can't guess the word by now, you're a moron.
Favorite school subject- AP English
Most hated school subject- Physics
Favorite teacher- Ms. Burnside
Do you like school- Yep.
Are you a math/science or english/drama person- I am a stuff person.
Have you ever gone to a Catholic school- No, but I have gone to private schools.
Where do you want to go to school- UCSD (University of California at San Diego, for the challenged)
Are you right-handed or left-handed- I'm ambi, baby.
What languages do you speak- English, Spanish (ha!), and Japanese (Well, I fake it good)
If you could study a 2nd (or 3rd) language, what would it be- Japanese, and then Mandarin
Describe yourself in 5 words- Crazy, Lazy, Daisy-Mazy, Generally Perfect
What do you think of yourself- I am my favorite subject.
What are your worst qualities (physical)- Nasty teeth, and my skin is my mess. My hair frizzes and tangles and everything mangles and it's generally gross all around. Add that I'm short and near-sighted and it's a pretty pathetic lot.
What are your best qualities (physical)- Gooooood question. My bony butt? >_< Seriously, no clue.
What do people think of you- Don't know, don't care, unless you're Fred Ferrall. But you're not.
Are your parents divorced or still married- Married. With children and bad tempers.
Do you like your parents- Usually, although I'm really not loving my mom at the moment because she's trying to vaccuum under my chair (never mind that she's had the whole bloody day to do it; she just has to do it when I'm on the 'Net)
Do you get along with your family- No.
Do you have any siblings- One brother. Yuck.
Ever run away from home- No. I've hidden from my parents and let them think I've run away, though. Actually, that was
really funny and I ought to try it again sometime.
Do you have a religion- Yeppers. I am a Christian.
Do you practice it- Not the way I ought to.
If you die tomorrow, what will happen to you- My soul will go to heaven (I hope) and I guess my body will rot, unless I shot into space the way I'd like. Then my body can just orbit the planet for a couple of centuries.
Does death scare you- Only when I let myself think about it too much.
Favorite band- Luna Sea, X Japan, Lastier, Beatles, Monkees, and others
Favorite food- Mochi and Pocky. The Japanese do it right.
Favorite clothing line- Clothes ala Discount Store
Favorite TV shows- Fushigi Yuugi, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Favorite superhero- Kaitou Jeanne, but is she a superhero?
Favorite animal- Man. (The survey was askin' for it...)
Favorite element- Rain. (We are talking about the Snapple drink, right? No?) Water.
Favorite magazine- Don't have one; my favorite comic book is Promethea.
Favorite radio station- Don't have one. So I'll just say...that classical station. Don't remember the number.
Jewelry worn daily- Class ring (when I remember) and usually a thin chain with some sort of charm on it
Do you have a best friend- I have a couple. Davy and Kitty and sometimes Star, when we're talking.
Have you ever had an imaginary friend- Of course! I still do...his name is Amazon and I talk to him because I like the sound of that word and because I write to him in my [real] diary. (Way too much information, no?)
What time do you usually go to bed- 10:00 to 11:00
Do you dream at night- Too much.
Do you remember your dreams- Yep, and if I'm really on top of things I'll write them down before I forget them.
Would you date a drug addict- No.
Are you racist- Yes. Asians are superior to the rest of you. >_<
Are you more innocent or guilty- I'm stuffed.
I wish- I didn't break windows and make plants shrivel in terror when I sing.
I fear- Kami-sama.
Have you have you ever prank called anyone- ^_^
Have you ever cried during a movie- Yeah. The one I remember specifically is at the end of Tarzan. I'm a dork, no?
Flowers or angels- Flowers, because I know 'hana' and 'bara' instead of just knowing 'tenshi.'
Sun or moon- Moon.
Are you a talker or listener- Babbler.
Stop time or stop worrying- Stop time. I never worry one way or the other.
Create an emotion or get rid of one- Bye bye Rage, as much fun as you are.
What famous person, dead or alive, would you interview if you had the chance- Hitonoko!
If you desperatly need money for college and your only option was the armed forces, would you choose the army, navy or air force- Luckily, I don't. But I guess I'd follow Michelle to the Navy, because I'd want to know someone else.
If you could suddenly posess an extraordinary talent in of the arts, what would it be- You mean I don't? ;_; Seriously, I'd draw landscapes better. Because I suck at it now.
If you could have a super power what would it be- Telekinesis, and I would be one violent brat, too.

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