Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Erawan Thai + Pals

I went out to dinner with Jeannie and Jezer yesterday.  We went to Erawan Thai, the same restaurant I went to with Kero not so very long ago.  It's a pretty small restaurant...I think "cozy" is the best word for it, but the food comes in large portions and it's tasty.  Pricy, but not overwhelmingly so.  We got yellow curry, chicken pad thai, and pineapple fried rice.  I guess we're not that adventurous with food :-p

It was really fun, though.  I've only hung out with Jez once or twice outside of our weekly Bible study, but she is so much fun.  She's a musician, and I think it's really awesome that she's been able to make a career with her creative talent...even if it is largely teaching kids, which was not her goal.  She hasn't had a very easy time over the past few years, but at the study group she doesn't usually go into much detail, so it was nice to hang out and hear more about her background.

I feel like I'm always too busy to hang out with friends, but lately I've been doing it a lot.  Or at least, I spend a lot of time with Jeannie. :-p  Other people still get the shaft, often as not.
Tags: food, friends, jeannie

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