Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

So this is where we could end up living?

A friend of Seanie's mother owns a duplex, and her tenants have moved out.  The Buckleys came up with the perfect solution - brother Jared will rent one half of the duplex, while Sean and I will rent the other.  Sounds great, right?  Well, the duplex has a couple of problems:

1. It's on a busy street, right next to one of its biggest intersections.  Parking will be a pain in the butt.
2. It's pretty run down, since minimal work has been done on the place while the previous tenants lived there.  However, the owner plans to do some light renovation - new carpet, new paint, etc - before we'd have a chance to move in.
3. One half is a one bedroom; the other half has two bedrooms.  Either half makes it rather difficult to move out with Jeannie as a third roommate, a plan we've been playing with.
4. We have no friggin' idea what the monthly rent will be.

Tonight, Seanie took Jeannie and me to actually see this place.  It wasn't a pleasant sight.  First, we had trouble even opening the door - the key seemed to stick or something.  When we actually got inside, the first thing I noticed was a funky, unpleasant smell.  Vaguely dirty and animal-like.  Sean assured me that after the renovation is done, the smell would be gone, but it left a negative first impression.

The rooms are small, and awkwardly arranged.  The front room will have to act as parlor, living room and dining room.  One bedroom also serves as the main entrance to the backyard, which is annoying if you're someone who wants privacy because people would potentially tromp through your room regularly.  I think it won't be a very easy room to arrange furniture.  It is, however, larger than the other bedroom.  There's also one bathroom, and one kitchen, which has ancient appliances.  Seriously, the oven (which is too small to fit a pizza) looks like its straight out of 1952, and right next to the fridge is the clothes washer/dryer.  (Weird.)

The backyard is a decent size, and there's a weird, covered barbeque area.  If it was enclosed, it make a perfect studio, but unfortunately it's open.  (I could still use it for a studio, in theory, but Sean's pretty sure his brother will want to use it for BBQ.)  There's also a garage, but it comes with the owner's car stranded inside.

That leaves us wondering how much the monthly rent is.  It was hard to figure out which room Seanie and I would take, and which would be for Jeannie.  Honestly, the house is just too small for three people.   If it's too much, Seanie and I won't be able to afford it on our own.  But the house's owner, thus far, has not told us how much she'll charge; Seanie reckons she's waiting to see how much the renovations will set her back.  That almost assuredly means we'll be paying more than the previous tenants.  Average rents for the area are around $1200, but there's no way I'd pay that for this place.  Heck, I wouldn't pay $1000 for it. 
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