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Happy Easter 2011!

Today was an interesting Easter. I didn't make it to a church service, so I feel rather bad about that, but I spent a lot of time celebrating and hanging out with people...that counts for something, right?

In the morning we went up to Seanie's house to eat breakfast with his family. His mom had made waffles and bacon and other delicious vittles, but seemed in a rather sour mood. The mood was not improved when she realized she'd accidentally served us the dairy-free batter she was specifically saving for Rhi. Oops. (It didn't taste any different to me.) Rhi brought the twins up, which meant that two adults always had to be monitering the babies, so I don't think we ever all managed to sit down at the table at the same time.

I successfully avoided holding a baby and/or changing a diaper. The fact that Arlo and Liam made a point of spitting up, farting, or pooping every time I sat down near one of them was a successful deterrent, to say the least. As awesome as Seanie's nephews are, they're going to be ten times more awesome once they can talk and control their bowels. I can't wait for them to get to that stage.

Speaking of the twins, they were in the newspaper this morning, on the front page of the San Jose Mercury's "Local News" section! Apparently, Rhi and Terry took them to some sort of record-making baby changing event; they set the Guiness Book of World Records record for the most babies changed with cloth diapers. (Why would you even want to set that record in the first place??) The twins were dressed in matching Sharks onesies, and there was a Sharks bam! Babies on the front page. Cool.
(Too bad almost no one gets the newspaper anymore...)

After breakfast, we left to go and visit two friends from our small group, Dina and Aaron. They were hosting Easter dinner - AWESOME! I was a little nervous, because D&A are the two newest members of the small group and I don't know them that well. (Seanie can't even remember their names half the time.)

They live up in the Santa Cruz/Los Gatos in a cute little rental. It's roomy with a nice, rustic appearance. I mean, I wouldn't want to live out there, but it's a perfect place for them because it's roughly halfway between Dina's workplace in Menlo Park and Aaron's down in Monterey. (What a crummy commute!) It was a bright sunny day, and all the trees and grass were green with new life, so the view was beautiful.

For dinner (or late lunch? What's a two o'clock meal considered?) they had ham, green beans, rolls, and all that traditional food. Very tasty. They're good cooks! After dinner we played a board game called 'Ticket to Ride: Europe' where you and the other players are building railroads across Europe, trying to complete a certain number of routes before your fellow players can block you. It was pretty fun! Maybe I'm just saying that because I ended up winning...but really, I like strategy games and that one really takes some carefully planned maneuvers if you want to prevent other players from figuring out what route you're trying to construct. Just as the game was wrapping up, Matt joined us, and we all sat down to molten chocolate cake.

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