Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Small Group/Bible Study Update

In my Tuesday night small group, we've just finished John MacArthur's study guide to the book of Acts. Thank God. I hate to sound petty, but you could really tell that towards the end of that series, people weren't into it. People were busy with work, so they weren't showing up. No one was reading the Bible chapters before the meeting, so we didn't know the material well enough to have really deep discussions about it. I'm hoping it's just a sign that we're burnt out on MacArthur's way of teaching, or that his study guide for Acts wasn't very helpful. I mean, that definitely was part of the problem. The questions weren't always that insightful - about half of them merely asked us to recap what had happened in the selected reading - and they were very focused on evangelism, which doesn't exactly suit the tastes of the group.

Hopefully the next book we read will get people a little more excited. I had suggested C. S. Lewis to a couple of people, and they seemed interested, so earlier this afternoon I emailed a list of his books that have free study guides online, as well as brief descriptions of the book's contents. Hopefully we can reach a consensus by next week. I think that Miracles could be the most interesting, since that's something I struggle with since when does anyone every see a miracle anymore (at least here in the industrialized United States)? But I've read Lewis' books before, and I know that he's an interesting and accessible theologian, so I'll be satisfied with any of his titles.
Tags: church, small group

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