Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

It's the end of the semester...projects piled up everywhere.

To Do Before the End of the Semester
  • 10 minute presentation on Olmec Colossal Heads
  • 8 page paper on Olmec Colossal Heads
  • 1.5 page catalogue entry about Derain Self-Portrait, which is in a prviate collection so the stupid image isn't reproduced in ANY book I've got about him
  • 1.5 page catalogue entry about Modigliani Self-Portrait, which is also difficult because I don't know WHICH self-portait I'm supposed to be writing about
  • 10 minute presentation about traveling to Beijing
  • 4-6 page paper about the origin of farming
  • 2-3 page "psychogeography" assignment
  • 2-3 page 'positive' critical analysis of an image
  • 2-3 page 'negative' critical analysis of an image
Plus, y'know.  Everything else I'm forgetting about.
The next few weeks are gonna suck.
Tags: lists, school, sjsu
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