Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The Retro Dome was showing Who Framed Roger Rabbit today, so I can finally cross that movie off my list of films to see. Yay!

Or maybe not. Maybe I was happier before I saw the film, because I could imagine it to be exactly the sort of movie I enjoy, rather than what it is. Now my own imaginings about the potential Looney Tunes/Disney mash-up are void, replaced with the reality of what the film actually was...and it turns out, I didn't care for Who Framed Roger Rabbit all that much.

As a general rule, detective noir and murder mysteries aren't my beat, so the plot of this story really didn't do much for me. Yeah, it was really neat to see Mickey & Bugs Bunny hanging out, or Daffy and Donald duking it out via fighting pianos...but that's like, what, three-five minutes tops? Not nearly enough toon characters for my tastes! It was pretty neat to watch the animated characters interact with the real world. I've got to give the filmmakers props for that; they did an amazing job with shadows and special effects to make the action on the screen seem plausible.

But OH MY GOODNESS ROGER IS ANNOYING. His voice made my skin crawl, and his 'wacky' antics bored me silly. He's very much the sort of character that kids enjoy, but as an adult I kept hoping that Judge Doom would hurry up and FINISH HIM OFF ALREADY.

Now that Judge Doom, he was a great-looking villain. Creepy, cold, and ruthless. I'd watch a whole movie about him. I was really disappointed that his death was so sudden and his backstory left unexplored. Why does he hate toons so - especially if he is one? How did he invent the Dip? What does he really look like? It would have been a better movie if they'd cute Roger's screen time in half and doubled Judge Doom's role.
(I almost always like the villains more than the heroes, though, so just ignore me.)

I wonder if I would have liked this movie better if I'd seen it as a kid? Probably. I can totally see why my mom never bought this movie for us, though. Guns, Jessica Rabbit, murder, mayhem...totally not kosher in my childhood home.
Tags: animation, movies, retrodome

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