Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

And the next book will be...Abolition of Man!

The Bible study group went out for dinner this week instead of our usual Tuesday night study session. (We finished our current study on the book of Acts and hadn't yet picked out our next title yet.) My C. S. Lewis proposal had gone over well, and we had narrowed the choices down to a few of his titles.

After discussing over Mexican food, it was decided that our next book is going to be Lewis' The Abolition of Man. It sounds like an interesting book, so I think it'll be a great choice, but I'm worried that people will have trouble with it because they won't read it regularly.

It's funny how quickly people forget about studying once they leave school. A couple of the group members were hesitant to commit to 'reading' the book - they wanted to choose a title that we could listen to, as a group, at the beginning of the session, and then discuss.
This makes me a little nervous, because when you're tackling a new topic for the first time, you don't get everything from an oral lecture. I don't know the statistics, but you only retain part of the information you hear, and you can't process it while absorbing new information. That's why you take notes and read a textbook in school, in addition to the professor's lecture. I just feel like we won't get everything out of the The Abolition of Man that we're meant to if we don't read it.

I think I'll send an e-mail to the group. The challenge is how to do it without calling people lazy or offending anyone. Hmmm...
Tags: c. s. lewis, church, small group

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