Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Mother's Day 2011

For Mother's Day, I got my mom some tomato plants (her special request), a framed print of one of her favorite Van Gogh painting, and a card. Not bad, eh?

I was at work most of the day, but that didn't matter since Mom was at her bluegrass festival until early afternoon. When I got home, she was there, so I gave her the gifts and it was generally uneventful. I think she appreciated the fact that I'd kept the house so clean while she was on the cruise more than the presents, but that was OK too.

Since the restaurants were so crowded, we ended up having dinner at home. We sent my brother out to get Chinese take-out, since he knew of new place close by. The food was so-so. Not great, not awful, very greasy. In a rather untactful move my brother told me I had to help pay for it right in front of my mother. (I was a little crabby about it; I mean, I'd already budgeted and purchased my gift for her.) I guess overall it wasn't a great Mother's Day for my mom, but we tried.

I probably could have tried a little harder, but I'm a little overwhelmed with all the work I have to do for school. (The research paper that accompanies my Olmec presentation is due tomorrow, and I think I'm going to have to turn it in late.) Mom's birthday is coming up later this month. I'll make it up then.
Tags: mom, mother's day

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