Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Well, today totally blew chunks.

Worst day in a long time.

Late yesterday afternoon, I found out that a paper I thought I could turn in next Monday had to be turned in tonight. So I worked on it 'til fairly late, went to sleep, woke up, worked on the paper 'til 11, drove to school, took a final, drove home, and worked on the paper 'til my second final at 6.

Sure, I got it turned in, but I am so fried now. I don't even remember what I wrote or did for either of the finals...words are just a blur to me.

But it's a relief, too, because now I have that horrible origin of farming paper done and out of the way. It won't be hanging over me like a vulture all weekend. Now all I have to do is my travel project - a ten minute presentation and paper about Beijing - and that's just going to be a breeze after everything else.
Tags: sjsu

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