Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Happy pre-Birthday to me!

So my 27th (cringe!) birthday isn't for a few more days, but I have received most of my presents already.

From Seanie, I got a new digital camera. It's smaller and faster than my old one, and should be great to have around when I'm in Florence. It's a touchscreen, which is weird, but I'm not a photographer so as long as it points and clicks, I'm satisfied.

My dear brother gave me the first season of the old X-Men cartoon. SO AWESOME. I love that show, but it was so hard to get the whole story because each story arc ran for multiple episodes, like a friggin' soap opera. At last, I'm going to know the whole X-Story. So cool.

Mom gave me a handful of Euros for shopping in Florence. Well, officially, it's to catch a taxi at the airport, but I'm sure I'll have some left over for spending.
Tags: birthday

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