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Maker Faire 2011

Seanie took me up to the Maker Faire today for a truly awesome birthday. How to describe Maker Faire? I think it's what you get if you cross Burning Man, a science fair, and Etsy. It was crazy, handmade weirdness all over the place.

I had actually toyed with the idea of going for a couple of weeks, but since it seemed likely I'd be stuck doing homework on my birthday I never looked into the details. I got onto my computer this morning and went to the Faire's website - and found out that Mike Rowe was going to be at Maker Faire. Yes, the Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame. Once I knew he would be there, it became VERYVERYURGENT that we get to the Maker Faire at once. I CANNOT MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO SEE MIKE ROWE LIVE AND IN PERSON!!
Adam Savage from Mythbusters was also speaking at Maker Faire, but since I've seen him before it wasn't nearly as urgent.

So after a frantic drive up to San Mateo we managed to find where Mike would be speaking...but, sadly, there were no seats, and my short little self couldn't see over the shoulders of the people in front of me, no matter where I went. So I heard Mike Rowe, and saw him in brief snatches between peoples' heads. No matter. He's about a hundred times more awesome in person.

He was at the Maker Faire looking for ideas to pitch a new show about people making stuff. A crafty sort of show. It actually sounded really cool. After talking about the concept of the proposed show for a few minutes, the floor was opened for questions. Seanie was supposed to try and get Rowe to sing me "Happy Birthday" (because how cool would that be???) but we were so far back from the stage that we never stood a chance. One girl came right out and asked, "Mike, can I give you a hug?" and she was brought to the stage so she could HUG MIKE ROWE. I was jealous. For a grand finale, Rowe was put into a big box and huge currents of electricity were zapped around him to the tune of The Legend of Zelda's theme. Very epic.

My totally blurry photo sucks, but that really is Mike Rowe.

The Maker Faire is really cool!  It's pretty much a celebration of handmade stuff and science experimentation.  I took a ton of photos as we wandered around:

Neat light thingie.

Ths weird bug-bicycle shot fire out of its...trunk?

Neat fountain.

Delicious paella.

Making giant bubbles.
I wish I'd gotten better photographs; my new camera, it turns out, can be a little finicky.  Also, I didn't realize it at the time but it shoots everything in widescreen.  That's not a problem, but it's a little weird and unexpected...guess I should have read the specs more carefully.

Awesome day.  I think I got sunburned, because most of the Faire was outdoors, but who cares?  I got to see Mike Rowe.  That's worth, like, ten sunburns.
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