Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Memorial Day 2011

Daddy and I went hiking in San Francisco today.  We started at Fort Point and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge a couple of times, just because I'd never actually done something so touristy in the city.  (Great weather, by the way.  The sky was clear and you could see for miles.)  Then we made our way along the coastline, crawling over abandoned military batteries until mid-afternoon, when Mom picked us up so we could visit some of her friends in Redwood Shores.

I got to play with my new camera again.  Good times.

Tourists biking around Golden Gate Nature Preserve.


Yellow Lupine

Dad trekking along.

More pretty flowers.  It was a gorgeous day for flowers.

Rundown tourist snackbox on the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate.

Downtown San Francisco as seen from the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge

Cargo ship coming in under the bridge, en route to Oakland.

That is one huge boat.

Abandoned military building.  

Dad & The Bridge

Mounds built by the military for storage.

Hee hee.  "Oh no!!!"

Tags: daddy, hiking, photo, san francisco
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