Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Shopping, the Great American Sport

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday, so to celebrate I took her to the mall. That might sound like a lame present, but when you think about it, it's a kindness. Let me explain. Mom won't go into the stores I would buy clothes at, so if I go to the mall with her it's a trip that will only include stores like Coldwater Creek or Eddie Bauer - that is, clothing for a more mature figure. These clothes are fine for a woman in her 60s, but when I was a teenager it was unbearably frustrating to go to store after store of "old lady" clothes, but never once to a store with clothes designed for me, like Forever 21 or Rave. Even now as an adult, it's still quite boring to tag along to these places, but Mom hates being by herself so I can't just arrange to meet her at a later time and shop on my own. (That would make things SO MUCH EASIER, jeez.) Anyway, going to the mall with my Mom inevitably means being bored for several hours, so I only do it on special her birthday. ((Hmmm, I sound so selfish when I wrote that out. I guess it is selfish not to accompany my mom to the mall more often...but on the flipside, isn't it a bit selfish that she isn't willing to wait while I browse the stores I like to shop in?))

Anyway. I bought her some tea and cookies, and when she picked out a shirt to buy at Eddie Bauer I paid for that too. We ended up meeting Dad at Santana Row for dinner, and eating at Maggiano's.

I was shopping again today when Jeannie and I went down to the Gilroy Outlets to spend a Groupon at American Apparel. I ended up buying nine tank-tops and two dresses for $51.33, which is not bad at all! I was too lazy to try them on before buying, though, and now I kinda regret it, because neither of the dresses is very flattering on me. One is too tight, and the other isn't cut very well. Le sigh. What can you do? All sales were final.
If I exercise and lose some weight, maybe I'll be able to fit the dress that's too small, and the dress that isn't flattering might look better if I tighten up my figure. I needed some motivation, anyway.
Tags: clothes, shopping

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