Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

How can you be a (middle-aged) man and not know how to deal with this??

Resident: Hello.
Me: Hello!
Resident: I have found a dead turtle in the road.
Me: Oh, okay, on what street did you find-
Resident: Can I give it to you?
Me: What??
Resident: I picked it up and put in a bag, but I don't really want to put it in my garbage can, so can you throw it out somewhere?
Me: You picked up the dead turtle and want to give it to me????
Resident: Don't you have a dump or something?
Me: Usually if a resident reports a dead animal, we tell it to leave it where they found it and call Animal Control.
Resident: But I already picked it up. Can you call Animal Control?
Me: ...
Me: Fine. Put the turtle outside on the side of the road - not where anyone will run it over - and I will call Animal Control.
Resident: OK! **starts to leave**
Me: And if you ever find something else that's dead, LEAVE IT WHERE YOU FOUND IT!!!
Tags: gross, rha

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