Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

And she laughed despite the dead husband and all

Well, that was a fun little diversion. Now let's talk about another one. Last night I went up to the City (San Francisco) and saw The Merry Widow, a delightful little operetta that had uber-lavish sets and gorgeous period costumes in bright flashy colors. (bright=good!)

I really enjoyed it - I usually fall asleep during these night adventures, but I wasn't even sleepy until I got home at one thirty a.m. That in itself was pretty cool, although I got really paranoid on the way home because my dad was really tired and he was nearly asleep. I was terrified he really conk out and we'd end up flying over the railing and off the freeway and *splat* I'd be dead without ever tasting the sweet flavor of green tea mochi. But then we got home and I remembered that I despise green tea ANYTHING anyway.

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