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13 July 2011 @ 04:50 pm
Stranded at the Ranch  
I'm a little bored, up here at Seanie's house.
A little tired, totally jet-lagged, but mostly just a little bit bored.

See, Seanie's working, and whenever he's "on the job" he is holed up with a laptop and can't be bothered. Trouble is, I had his brother drop me off up at the Ranch, and I don't have a way to get back home. My car's in my parents' driveway. Seanie's tapping away on his keyboard, and I can't take his car because I'd end up stranding him.

I've been productive, all things considered. I've done loads of laundry; I think the fourth load is sitting in the washing machine while the third bounces around in the dryer. I folded all of Sean's mom's laundry, since it was sitting in the dryer waiting to be taken care of. I unpacked all of Seanie's things, and then repacked my luggage and all the loot I hauled back from Europe. Man, it's a little frightening just how much I brought home. When I left, I could squeeze everything into my green luggage case and my backpack. Now I need two carry-on bags in addition to my green bag, just to get all my stuff back to my house.

Man. I can't wait to get home. I miss my own bed and my own bathroom and the variety of my the rest of my wardrobe!