Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Packing up a lifetime's worth of things

So Seanie's got a new place, an apartment of his own!
(Have I mentioned that here before? I can't remember.)

Now that we've been back in town for a spell, he's ready to move in, so I spent most of today helping him pack up everything he owns. Clothes. Toys. Papers. Books. Clothes.

It's weird, helping him box up all his stuff. So much of what is in his room is...well, trash, to be honest. I'm not being mean about his personal possessions - it really is garbage! Bottles. Candy wrappers. There's TONS of random paper, like reciepts, bills he paid two years ago, that sort of thing. It's like he spent his entire life walking into his room at the end of each day, dropping the contents of his pockets on a desk, and then never did anything with it, and it piled up for two decades.
(OK, more like five years - his family's moved out to the Ranch a few years after we graduated from high school.)

I could probably get rich off of all the change scattered on the floor. I picked up so many loose pennies, nickels, quarters, dimes!

But the good news is, Seanie's all packed up and most of his stuff is being transported to the new house over the next few days. It's pretty neat. He's renting one half of a duplex, and his brother is in the other half. (Hopefully family will make for good neighbors.)
Tags: moving out, seanie

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