Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I'm such a nice girlfriend.

Having spent most of yesterday putting Seanie's worldly possessions into boxes, I spent most of today doing the opposite - taking things out of boxes and putting them in piles around his house. Seanie was working, so he couldn't do too much unpacking. Most of it was pretty minor work - hanging clothes in the closet, doing laundry (I'm always doing laundry), putting dishes away, sorting the contents of boxes into the rooms they'll eventually stay in, and so on.

Seanie hasn't got any furniture, really. Just a bed.
No, really. That's all he's got.
I even took a picture of him working from it:

There's no air conditioning, so it got pretty nasty in the afternoon. I gave up on moving, popped open my laptop, and watched an episode of Glee. Then, still bored, I walked over to the Salvation Army (it's five minutes away!) to see if I could find anything useful there...but I didn't.

Overall, not much of a day, but it's so exciting that Seanie's finally going to have his own place to live!
Tags: moving out, seanie

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