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30 July 2011 @ 02:19 pm
They made me an offer I couldn't refuse!  
So during the last couple of weeks, I've been working a lot of extra days at RHA because my boss' father is doing poorly and she needs to spend time with him. That's fine - Florence totally wiped out my spending money - but it also sucks because I was orginally supposed to start an internship at the Rosicrucian Museum when I got back from Europe, and I haven't known what my schedule will be so it's been a little hard to call and say, "Hey, remember me? I don't know when I'll be able to actually start my internship, but I'm still part of the team!"...especially since I never heard back from them after I received a single email confirming that I was accepted into the internship program. I sent emails asking when I should start, who should I talk to...and heard nothing.
Le sigh.

At any rate, now I really won't be able to start the internship because RHA wants me to permanently move up to working four days a week. That's thirty-two hours spread over Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday...the same days and hours that the Rosicrucian is open! I almost refused. I think that perhaps I should have refused. But RHA dangled an especially tasty carrot in front of me - work thirty-two hours, becoming a full-time employee, and they'll pay for my health insurance. Right now that's costing me over $300 a month, so it's a pretty hefty chunk of my paycheck. With the recent tuition hike from SJSU, I could really use the extra money.

So I caved. I told the association manager I could do it for at least six months, but next year I HAVE to do my internships so I don't think I can keep doing it past that. He said that's fine, what's important is I can do it now, when they need me.

I wonder if this means they'll wait even longer to find Jeannie's replacement...