Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

I saw the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I wasn't sure what to expect; I mean, I love Jack Sparrow but I wasn't sure I could take a whole movie of him. He's a LOT of personality to deal with, especially when you remove the more level-headed, balancing characters of Will and Elizabeth. But on the other hand, I love Jack Sparrow, and anything that pairs him with a quest to find the Fountain of Youth just sounds like a ton of fun.

I was a little confused when I heard, prior to seeing the film, that Blackbeard was the main villain. Wasn't Jack Sparrow's father (played by Keith Richards) Blackbeard? Not quite, it turns out. Richards' character is named Edward Teague; Blackbeard's name was Edward Teach. You can see why I made this error when I saw the third movie. I could swear that there is a historical pirate with the last name of Teague, but Google has not yet helped me with that search.

So Blackbeard is a scurvy dog trying to find the Fountain of Youth with the help of his pretty daughter Angelica. She ropes Jack Sparrow into their expedition and they set off searching for mystical silver chalices and weeping mermaids. Meanwhile, Barbossa (who has gone privateer for Britain) sets off to beat Sparrow to the fountain and obtain revenge from Blackbeard.

For some reason, a missonary named Phillip is on Blackbeard's ship, and when they encounter mermaids he falls in love with one. It's weird and leads to one of the most confusing moments in the film. At one point, he is gravely injured and the mermaid, Syrena, pulls him underwater to "save" him. But how? Is she saving him from pain by drowning him? Is she somehow transforming him into a merman to join her under the sea? It's isn't explained, so it's a bit of a Huh? WTF? moment.

I had a lot of fun watching it, though. I mean, Jack Sparrow does get rather annoying because there's just SO MUCH OF HIM; he really is best in reasonable doses. But it was a lot of fun to meet Disney's version of Blackbeard - he was a much better villian than Davy Jones - and I love Barbossa. I could watch a Barbossa movie, no problem.
It might simply be that I adore Geoffry Rush. When has he ever had a bad role? I mean, even in craptacular movies like Mystery Men he was friggin' awesome; but then, how could he not be when playing a character named Casanova Frankenstein? I digress off into Tangent Land. Best to end here.
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