Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

First Day of School, Fall 2011

So my first day of the fall semester was pretty cool.

My first class, East Meets West in Art, is one that I'm taking because I have to, not because I want to. It focuses on the art of the Silk Road. I mean, sure, it sounds interesting and all, but it's not a class I was particularly looking forward to...until I found out that Danielle, one of my roommates from Florence, is in the class too! Having someone to talk to makes all the difference in the world. Plus, the teacher actually made the class sound really interesting. It's now a great way to start the day!

Danielle is also in my second class, Renaissance Art in Venice. Marianna, another Florence friend, is also in the class. Heck, the class is basically a reunion of my Florentines, since Chris is in it too and it is taught by the teacher who headed the Florence program. AWESOME. This is probably the class I'm most looking forward to each day :) Even better, Marianna's going to try to add 193B, so it's just going to be fun all morning.

After my second class, I follow my professor to a writing class, where we practice writing about art. It's a mandatory class, but she's a great teacher and I look forward to it.

Finally, I finish off the day with Cultural Anthropology, the last "core" anthropology class I need. From here I can move into more specialized classes and work on knocking out that Anthropology minor! (Or major. I'm really hoping I can make the major before SJSU kicks me out for taking too many classes.)

I'm not taking a single class that doesn't interest me. It's like a perfect semester.

Tomorrow I have one more class, Classical Art, and next week I have a special project with Dr. Simonson, who taught my Art History 101 class last semester. We're working on a catalog for a mural project many of the art students arse working on. It should be a really great experience!
Tags: anthropology, art history, sjsu

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