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I love you like a fat kid loves cake.

Yume: My hair grows longer and longer as I sit and comb it. It spirals down my back and swirls in every which direction on the floor. It tangles and tangles and tangles.
There's a cut on my pinky finger that flares up every few minutes. It's weird, because it's this minor little thing; I've gotten a half dozen similar ones in the past week and none bothered me as much as this. My hands are really quite ugly; the nails are jagged and uneven, the skin's dry, and there are little knicks, cuts, and hangnails galore. I think I shall wear gloves this week.
Work was good today. My bosses decided to book it as early as possible; they were gone before the clock struck ten and I had the place to myself. I ate a pizza, helped customers, ate three or four cookies, talked to boyfriend, ate a bagel, talked to Bandaid, ate half a passionfruit mousse, helped more customers, ate a muffin, talked to Bobbie and Kero, ate a chocolate-dipped strawberry, talked to my Mom, and drank two milks and a water. Damn, I'm expensive help. Wracking up phone bills and eating all the food like is bad. But Bobbie says the fact that Jose leaves so early is proof that he trusts me, so...yeah. I guess it's a good thing. I had a slight stomachache in the afternoon from eating too
much, but it was gone in the evening so I ate an Ultimate Cheeseburger. Yummy. While I was lounging around my bed, semi-alert, I realized I left the other half of my mousse in the milk-fridge. Oops. I can just picture tomorrow morning...
Jose: Sam, why did you leave this here?
Me: Uh...a customer thought it tasted weird so I tried it and it tasted fine but I didn't wanna finish it so I stuck it in there? I really am a compulsive liar!
Seriously, tho', he'll laugh at me for forgetting about the stupid mousse. Raaaaargh.
I took this 'What kind of kiss are you?' quiz and I'm a child kiss. That seems pathetic, somehow. Oh well. I took a
bunch of random quizzes from this same author and I always ended up innocent/sweet/childlike. It just seems wrong! I'm exceptionally spastic and I have no attention span and I like bright colors and shiny things...damn. I am childish.
Well, I'm off to drink milk and recharge my phone, and probably have another bitch session since they make me feel so snuggly afterwards. Jaaaa!

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