Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Second day of school, Fall 2011

I'm so glad that my boss has reconsidered the decision to have me work Thursdays. My Thursday class is smack in the middle of the day, so I leave work at 11am - three hours into my shift - and don't get back 'til nearly 3pm. Even if I stay 'til five, it just doesn't seem worth it. So we decided that once we hire another receptionist, she'll take over Thursdays.

But she isn't here yet, so after a couple hours at work I rushed off to SJSU for my Classical Art class. The teacher seems very...weird. It's her first semester teaching, I think, and she hasn't established what sort of instructor she will be. Is she going to be that professor that acts like your buddy? Or will she be the sort of untouchable expert that we trust implicitly? I can't quite make out what she was going for.

For example, at one point she suddenly asked, "HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE STUDIED FIVE YEARS' WORTH OF GREEK HISTORY?" I debated whether or not to raise my hand; I'm pretty sure if you add up all the books and documentaries I've read about Greek history and art it be about five years, time-wise, but since it wasn't done in a scholarly it doesn't count. She then added, "Right, so just ME. So I know what I'm talking about." Well gee, lady, I should hope so! I have enough faith in SJSU's art department that I don't think they'd hire you if you weren't qualified. No need to belabor the point!

She also really, really wanted us to ask something about homosexuality and the Greeks. She kept asking these directional, loaded questions:
"The way this woman is carved is very sensual; why would this be surprising in Greek sculpture?"
"The Greeks revered the body of young men; how have you heard that they expressed this?"
"So, what do you know about the Greeks? Anything...unusual about their society, and the way they defined gender roles?"
...and so forth.

Taken individually, the questions seem normal enough, but when repeated one after the other it soon became very clear that she wanted to discuss Greeks and the Gay but she didn't want to be the one to start the dialogue. It was very odd.

Oh well. I've been looking forward to this class for ages, one slightly weird teacher won't put me off it.
Tags: art history, sjsu

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