Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

A lovely afternoon by the sea

Seanie and I went down to Carmel today. It was fun! I mean, it's been a while since we went on a little adventure like that together.

It was a longer drive than I thought it would be; for some reason, I thought Carmel was about an hour away from San Jose, somewhere near Santa Cruz. It turns out that it's a bit farther out, down by Monterrey. I must have been confusing it with Capitola.

I had suggested the trip because my friend Marianna had some photos displayed at a gallery, including pictures from the Florence adventure this summer. (Marianna was one of my classmates.) It turns out the photos weren't at a gallery; it was more of a "random fashion stuff" shop. But it was still pretty cool to see her pictures! After all, I saw many of the same sights, but not from the same angle or at the same time of day. It makes all the difference, sometimes.

Downtown Carmel is perfectly charming, but it is also a total tourist trap. Nowhere did the tourists swarm thicker, however, than down by the ocean. It was chilly, or else I think Seanie and I would have spent several hours on the beach, noisy French crowds notwithstanding. Instead we walked up and down the sand for about an hour, stuck our toes in the icy water (which was a gross shade of yellow) and then came back home.
Tags: beach, carmel, seanie

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