Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Disneyland, Day One

Jeans and me in Disneyland, Day One

One of the dioramas inside Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  Alas, it was the closest I ever got to Maleficent. 
This was my first time inside the Castle since it was reopened.

Sleeping Beauty Fountain, which is right outside the Castle.

Cutest caramel apples EVER.

I take that back.  These are cuter.

Jeannie's excited about "It's A Small World".

Pandas sailing junks!  Oh, the hilarity!

Disney has added a bunch of classic characters to the ride, but they made sure to keep them looking like the dolls in "It's A Small World".  The Ariel is really cute!  (She's also really creepy when she sings...)

Woody & Jessie!

Jeannie wanted to take pictures with the princesses, so we waited in a line for over an hour.  It's not a choice I would have made on my own, but I like that we did it because now I have super-girly princess photos!

Tiana 'n' me

Ariel looks a little rockabilly to me, if you ignore the princess dress.  I'm not sure why.

It's a little weird, but I *think* I'm taller than Jasmine.

We had a FastPass for Autotopia, but we still had to wait in a super-long line for it.
Turns out car rides lose all of their appeal when you have a driver's license.

Disney's Soundsational Parade. (At least, I think that is what it was called.)

Snow White, Aurora, and Rapunzel

Cinderella & Belle

Crazy butterfly dancers.

Last parade photo: Mary Poppins!

Dinner inside Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside Pirates of the Caribbean. 
(Turns out you can save a ton of money, but get plenty of food, if you order off the kid's menu.)

It's twilight and Cinderella's Castle is beautiful!

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