Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Florida, Day One: On the plane

I'm on a plane somewhere over the United States, on a sudden and unexpected trip to Florida. My grandfather's brother, the last man of that generation, passed away late last week, and I'm accompanying Dad to the funeral.

I don't really know anything about (Great) Uncle Donald. I only met him once, at my grandfather's memorial service. He raised cattle in Florida. He was younger than my grandfather. Um...that's really all I've got. So it would be a lie to say I missed him, since I never really knew him, but I didn't think it would be fair for my father to go alone. I mean, it'd be one thing if I had work or school, but right now I have neither - so I really have no excuse not to go, and isn't it at times like this that you need your family?

We'll be flying into Orlando, and then driving out to Gainesville. Gainesville. What do I know about Gainesville? Absolutely nothing...but apparently, I have family there. My Aunt Bonny will be meeting us in Gainesville, but we're unlikely to get there until late in the evening so I don't think we'll see her until tomorrow.
Tags: death, family, florida, funeral, travel

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