Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Floriday, Day Three: Farm life

We drove out to Uncle Donald's farm to look around. I took some photos:

Cabin in the woods that belonged to one of Suzanna's friends. It used to be a ranger station, but her friend picked it up and hauled it out to his land. It was full of different masks and sculptures from around the world; unfortunately, when I tried to ask her friend about them he wouldn't tell me much about them.

One of Uncle Donald's farm buildings

Wiley, Uncle Donald's pure white border collie.

Spanish moss is so pretty, just hanging off a tree like that.

A Floridian forest...

All over the property, there were tons of old cars in various states of disrepair. I took some really cool pictures of cars that had become rusted out and were slowly being reclaimed by nature. Unfortunately, Aunt Suzanna specifically requested that the pictures not be shown to anyone, so they have to stay on my hard drive for the time being. I suspect I'll break the request sometime in the near future...I'm a bad relative that way.

We stayed out at the farm a little too late, looking at cows and listening to Suzanna reminisce. I kept thinking that maybe I should say something to Dad to rush us along (especially since it was miserably hot and I hadn't brought any water) but kept quiet because, well, he's my dad, he must be keeping track of time. Surely he'll leave with enough time to get us back to Orlando in time for our flight. Not so much. We were late coming back to Gainesville and even later getting to the airport. In fact, we very nearly missed the flight; we got to the check-in area after it had already closed and had to beg to be let on the plane...and then we had to run the entire length of the terminal to make it. That SUCKED. Some douchebag sitting in the terminal even yelled, "RUN FORREST RUN" as I sprinted past. Not an auspicious end to the Florida trip.
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