Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

BAGI: "Blow a Float" Groupon = AWESOME

Jeannie and I went glassblowing tonight at the Bay Area Glass Institute, and it was awesome.  Naturally.  We almost didn't do it; some guy had brought a bunch of friends with him that weren't registered on the website, so that having normal maximum of four people in the class, there were seven.  Our instructor wasn't pleased, so while he was on the phone with his boss trying to figure out what to do, Jeannie and I debated coming back another night.  But we stuck it out, and BAGI managed to find another teacher to take that guy and his friends off to do a glass-fusing project instead.

Our instructor, Ryan, was the same one we had back in April - he even kinda remembered us, how sweet.  Jeannie gave him a lot of grief because her paperweight from the last class had turned out blue and orange instead of blue and yellow.  This time, instead of merely shaping and pulling blobs of molten glass, we actually did glassblowing...and it was a lot harder than I expected.  I felt like the freakin' Big Bad Wolf trying to blow down the brick house; I kept huffing and puffing and looking silly, and the glass ball at the end of the tube would inflate a couple of millimeters.  Le sigh.

But this time, I did remember a, pictures!!

The first thing we did was create a design on the table.  The hot glass would then be rolled over the surface, transfering the design onto the glass float.

Jeannie rolling the tube back and forth, shaping the glass with the wooden scoop.

Me trying desperately to "start" the glass' expansion.  Apparently, I needed a better seal with my lips to focus the air down the tube.  Oops.

Rolling the tube so that the little globe at the end of it won't be lopsided.

Crimping the end of the glass so that it'll be easier to separate later.  You can see the irregular spotted design that I created for my glass orb.  Hopefully it turned out well...

I kinda wish that the glass would stay that bright fiery orange...but it fades.  In this case, it should be amber and purple when completely finished.
Tags: art, bay area glass institute, glass, jeannie, photo

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