Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Nakama, shitashii, how shall I describe thee

"What is the most important quality a person has to have to be your friend? Why is that quality important to you?".
Didn't we have this theme already? **backtracks through the list of previous themes** Hmmm...guess not. I must be thinking of 'What's the most attractive quality you can find in another person?".', which was a theme we had over the summer.
The most important trait any friend of mine can have is....hmmm. I don't know. I think I select my friends not because they have important qualities, but because they each have a certain aspect to their personality that helps balance me.
Heidi has her whole 'order' obsession going for her - so she's organized and through her influence helps gather the scattered me. Kristin's so down-to-earth that she helps keep spastic freaks like me from floating away into the clouds. Davy's such a dreamer that I think he'd float away if people like me weren't constantly tying him down.
My Butler alternates between being nice and being mean, and I'm not sure what purpose that serves but I think it's a good thing. Sean's so easy-going and subservient that it feeds my ego, which is always a very tastygood thing. ^_^ (I don't know why I mentioned either of them, except they both read my diary. o.O Eep.) Tanya and Flurr are so talented that they prevent my ego from expanding beyond control.
Bandaid's such a freak that she makes me normal; Kitty's so normal that I morph into a freak.
So I really don't care if certain qualities are present. Honesty's good, but Davy's a liar. Intelligence is required, but then why have I stayed in touch with Bandaid for so long? Because I don't care whether they're good or bad. They're my friends. End of it.

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