Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Tamagotchi=Twitchy Cool Fun For The Whole Family

Today, in a fit of insanity and boredom, I reactivated my Tamagotchi. Remember those? Lovely/obnoxious little virtual pets that hit Japan in 1996 and by 1997 had swept the United States like the wild crazy fad that it was. Dozens of knock-offs hit the market, and they all sold like gangbusters. I mean, for a while they had a Little Mermaid virtual pet, for crying out loud. That tells you something very disturbing about fads.
The one that I have was from the second generation of Tamagotchis, and it is silver and black. It's so pretty! I love it, can't you tell? I found it when I was cleaning my room on Friday, so I spent all of Saturday hunting for batteries to fit it so I could have it working again, beeping at random intervals. (My official excuse was that I needed a watch, but this works too...)
So now I have this uber-genki-looking little blob bouncing around the LCD screen, which I have to feed and wash and play with and pick up his little digital poops.
I can't wait to bring it to school on Tuesday. Wonder how many kids remember these suckers...

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