Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Busy day...but a nice one.

Today was nice. A little weird, perhaps, because I spent the whole day out at SJSU and normally I have Tuesdays off. To tell the truth, I feel a little cheated.

I had to go out to campus in the morning to meet with Dr. S for the mural project. It's a project one of the art student groups is doing, a mural on which they're painting the self-portraits of famous artists. We, the art historians, are to write a catalog entry for each portrait. We share a little about the artist, why he/she's important, that sort of thing. I signed up for the project because I thought it'd be good for future resumes.

It's interesting to compare the attitudes of the artist and the art historian. See, when we (the historians) picked artists that we thought would be important to include, most of them were, well, historical. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Durer, and on...the vast majority of our list were both men, white, and dead. Artists tended to select from the opposite end of the spectrum. Nearly every painter's suggestion was a 20th century modern artist or a woman or a minority, preferably all three whenever possible. Since the painters were the ones actually executing the mural, their votes won out, and as a result there are only a handful of pre-19th/20th century artists represented: El Greco. Artemesia Gentileschi. Um...well, to be honest, that's all I can think of at the moment, but I think there are one or two others I can't recall. The mural is visually interesting, but it does a very poor job of expressing the whole of art history.

I ramble. Sorry.

So at the meeting today, the six or so of us working on the catalog went over completed entries and discussed what needed to be revised. It was a short meeting - perhaps half an hour? Afterwards I went up to the library to bury myself in art books, because I had four biographies to write:

Around 1:30, my old sidekick from Florence, Janelle, popped up and we went for lunch at Peggy Sue's. Greasy hamburgers and fries, YUM. It was great to get caught up, since I hadn't seen her in ages and we have no classes together this semester. We studied together for a while in the library, but I was getting sick of sitting still and I wanted my computer if I was going to continue writing, so I went home.

(It makes me wish my laptop wasn't so heavy so I could carry it all over the place!)

In the evening, there was bible study. We're finishing up Mere Christianity - about time, it feels like we've been reading the book FOREVER because there were so many interruptions throughout the summer. I'm not sure what the group will want to read next. Something with an actual study guide instead of the random one I found on the Internet, probably :-p We've got a newbie though, an Asian guy. I think his name is Jung? John? Something. Anyway, that was a little exciting, just because we don't get new people very often.
Tags: art history, sjsu

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