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5 TV Series I'm Watching Right Now

5 TV Series I'm Watching Right Now

1. Rome
I just finished the first season of Rome and the first disc of the second season arrived from Netflix today.   I'm loving it!  The series focuses on two ordinary soldiers during the final days of the Roman Republic.  These two guys, Lucius and Titus, manage to be in all the important places at the right time; serving in the Legions under Marc Antony and Julius Caesar, tutoring Octavian in swordsmanship, and meeting Cleopatra in Egypt.  It's a grittier, dirtier version of Rome, since the action isn't confined to the fine houses of the aristocracy.  Instead, we see how the poor live out their pathetic lives while the middle class struggles to become something better, always with tons of death and sex and high drama.  It looks amazing, too; clearly, boatloads of money was spent to create a convincing version of the city.
 I can't wait to see what will happen next!

2.  Sgt. Frog
Sometimes I am guilty of watching some extremely /stupid TV, but I think Sgt. Frog may take the prize.  An anime from Japan, Sgt. Frog follows a team of five froglike aliens' attempts to take over the Earth.  Their commander, Keroro, is an inept leader who is constantly distracted from the goal of world domination by his desire to collect Gundam models and watch TV.  Really, substitute books for Gundam and he'd be a frog after  my own heart.  With extremely catchy theme songs and incredibly silly stories - and puns aplenty! - it's the perfect way to spend the night after studying all day.

3. Deadliest Warrior
Samurai vs. Viking.  Ninja vs. Spartan.  Pirate vs. Knight.
This show is so ridiculous that it is AWESOME.  Warriors from different times and civilizations are matched up in epic deathmatches, the result based on analysis of the fighter's weapons, armor, training, and culture.  It's totally stupid, and I admit that freely...but I also enjoy the heck out of it, although I am terribly disappointed that they didn't do pirate vs. ninja.

4. Phineas and Ferb
How could I not watch a tv series that features the adventures of a secret agent platypus named Perry?  A show for which Bowling for Soup sings the theme song and makes frequent cameos as 80s band called Love Handel?  There's also some sort of side plot about two kids spending their summer vacations building awesome inventions while their older sister tries to bust them.  But it's really all about Perry and silly 80's references.


5. Glee
Yeah, I finally succombed and joined the Glee bandwagon.&nbs/p; I've only seen the first season, and I have to admit that it's a lot better than I expected.  I find some of most the characters annoying, so I can't watch more than one episode at a time, but I enjoy a lot of the music.  Anything that brings more Broadway songs to public attention is a good thing to me!

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