Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Visiting my nephews, who are getting very big!

Today Seanie and I went over to Rhi's house to see the twins.  It has been AGES since I saw them; the last time I visited may have been early summer, before I went to Italy.  At the time, they were quite dull, little more than lumps of fat that liked to vomit on me.  Now, they're finally developing some personality.

Arlo, the younger one, seems to be developing faster.  He isn't quite walking yet, but he's figuring it out.  He'll take a basket and push it around in front of him like a walker, and walk around the house like a li'l old granny lady.  It's pretty cute.

Liam's older but hasn't gotten walking down.  He hasn't got much of anything down; he seems perfectly content to just lie on his back and do nothing all day.  But he's got a huge smile and just might be the happiest baby ever.  He's bigger, too.  He's got a HUGE head.  Seanie says I can't refer to him as the fat one, but that's what I think when I see him.  But I played with him more than Arlo today, because Arlo would start crying every time I got near him.  Little jerk.

Here's a picture of them, at about eight months old:

Arlo, Liam

And here's a picture from today that proves that I did, in fact, hold a baby.

Tags: family, nephews

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