Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Amiboshi, don't make out with your brother! Bad!

I saw the opera Falstaff today, in San Francisco, and it was hysterically funny. Synopsis: Fat Bastard Knight Dude (John Falstaff) hits on two wealthy wives of prominant men in Windsor, and he is tricked and humiliated by these women multiple times. (His brain = not working = moron) Girl power by Shakespeare, Italianized and set to music by Verdi. But I don't really feel like talking about it, because I have other important topics to move on to, like...
The EEKness of Kakkoi Boys
Okay, that's not really want I want to talk about either. Just a conversation fragment Kat and I had on the way home from SF:

Kat: Thanks for letting me borrow Fushigi Yuugi.
Me: Thanks for returning this video in one piece.
Kat: Is Nuriko a girl or a boy [personality]?
Me: I dunno. I think he's a guy, and he had a really bizarre way of mourning his sister's death, like he said. But who knows?
Kat: If he was real, and I fell for him, would I be hetero or homo?
Me: Does it really matter? Either way you'd jump his shorts in a second.
Kat: Well, who would you want?
Me: **thinking** Amiboshi. I would be all over him like peanut butter on jelly.
Kat: You wouldn't even know he was alive!
Me: How d'you figger that?
Kat: If these guys were real, then Amiboshi'd be what - 15? That's a freshman, isn't it?
Me: Eew!
Kat: See? You'd never notice him, because he's just a underclassman.

Now, was that a quick jab at my taste in boys or a slick moral lesson wrapped up in a convenient Sam-type parable package? The answer: yes.

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