Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Happy Birthday, Seanie's Old Man!

Seanie's dad turned sixty yesterday, and they had a dinner up at his house to celebrate. It seemed like everyone was there – mom and dad, uncle and aunt, Sean and his two brothers, Rhi and the twins...and even Jeannie and Jezer made an appearance. It made for quite a crowded table.

The funniest moment was pretty early in the evening. Jeannie was just standing around, barely just arrived, when Sean's dad handed off one of the twins to her. They're about nine months now, and BIG for their age – and Jeannie looked petrified. She just stood there, barely breathing, holding this monstrous big baby very gingerly, as if she expected it to explode into a vomit-and-poop machine any moment now. (I don't blame her; I personally believe that's what babies do if you hold them for longer than three minutes.)

Sean's brothers thought that the best gift they could get Dad was an iPad. Who am I to know if that's a good gift or no? Pricey, though. He seemed pretty pleased when he unwrapped it, though. Apparently, when he babysits the twins he likes to play games on Rhi's iPad, so maybe it really was a perfect gift. I wonder what he'll use it for, though. He doesn't seem the type to use it for an e-reader, but maybe he'll watch a lot of movies on it. (By a lot of movies, I mean he'll watch the various Star Trek movies OVER AND OVER again.)

So yeah. Happy 60th Birthday, Papa B!
Tags: family, seanie

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