Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

2011 Resolutions - The Final Results

2011 was a crazy year.  I was really fortunate, when I look back.  I was able to travel the world - I spent three weeks in Italy, a week in London, I saw plays up in Ashland and visited both American Disney parks.  That's a lot of airline miles in a single year!  I also did well academically, and I'm flourishing at work - my hourly rate raise may have been small, but the fact that RHA now pays for my health insurance adds up to an extra $100 in my pocket with every paycheck.  Amazing.  I'm happy.

But how did I do on my official New Year's Resolutions?  Well...

1.       Set up a regular fitness routine.

I never did this.  In fact, I hardly exercise at all, and over the course of the year I gained several pounds.  Massive fail on that one.

2.       Visit another country.

Like I said, three weeks in Italy and a little over a week in England.  It was an amazing, life-changing experience to walk the narrow streets of Florence, climb the walls of Lucca and climb the monoliths at Avebury.  Plus, I got to ogle David's junk at the Academia.  Good times.

3.       Get a 4.0.

I didn't manage a 4.0 in the spring semester, but I got As in my summer and fall classes.  Huzzah!

4.       Set up a school/career map.

At long last, I have a projected graduation date: Fall 2012.  I'll be graduating with an Art History BA and a minor in Anthropology, with a focus on archaeology.  I hope to do an archeology field school next summer.
I am enrolled in an internship program at the Egyptian Museum which will probably extend to May.  After I make the minimum number of hours required for that position, I'll get another internship at a more prestigious institution - I hope the De Young or the Legion of Honor.  The earliest window of opportunity for applying to grad school at UCLA will be in Fall 2013, so I will spend the interim studying up on Chemistry and (fingers crossed) working. 

5.       Complete an epic art piece.

So I didn't complete a painting, which is what I anticipated when I made this resolution at the beginning of the year, but I discovered the delights of working with glass.  I'm pleased as punch with the glass float I made.  I hope to continue working with this medium next year, as well as getting back into painting. 

6.       Move out.
This is the one thing I really didn't manage.  Seanie moved out, but I didn't join him.  It's December 31st, and I still live with my parents.

Four out of six.  Sure, I didn't get everything, but I think this is a much better turnout than previous years!

Tags: new years, resolutions

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