Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Classical Art...less than a month to go!

I had a quiz in my Classical Art class today.  It was an easy quiz - basically, find Sparta, Rome, Alexandria, etc. on a map and identify them, not so bad. 

After the quiz, I ditched.  Her lectures just drive me nuts because they're so rambly, and she gets so darn insistent that we come to a certain conclusion.  Like today, we were looking at a naked man (I guess we're always doing that in a class on Greek and Roman art) and she kept saying, "How would you describe him?  What does he look like?  How does he feel?" etc.  Answers like, "He looks youthful" and "He's a mythological hero" didn't cut it.  Finally, someone said (because we all know this is her desired answer by now) "He looks sexy" and she exclaimed, "THANK YOU!  I COULDN'T SAY IT!!"

If you can't say it, why should we?

So that is why I left.
Tags: art history, sjsu

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