Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

You'll never take me alive, Coppa...

I I look like some bloody juvenile delinquent who will jump the shorts of everyone in walking distance to get money for drugs?
Just checking.
I was walking back from Kentucky Fried Chicken today to get some popcorn chicken (But they're not selling it anymore, which SUCKS.) and a cop pulled over and asked why I wasn't in school. I must've spent over 10 minutes explaining that no, I haven't got any classes and yes, I'm still in school, and yes, I'm heading back towards campus but no, I can leave campus and HELP ME HE'S GOING TO MAKE ME GET IN HIS CAR AGAIN NOOOOOOOOOOOO! (See, this is really funny because it seems like every time I leave campus after 5th period to get some food for lunch a cop questions me.) Our conversation went like this:
Cop: Miss, why aren't you in school?
Me: Because school's over.
Cop: o.O What school do you go to?
Me: Branham. **pointing across the street where Branham is sitting in the sun, whistling.**
Cop: Does your school have an open campus policy?
Me: No, but I'm done. I don't have any more classes today.
Cop: Do you have any proof of this?
Me: Sure, just let me pull out my schedule...**whistling as I rustle through my backpack** Umo...funny thing. It's not here.
Me: Hey, I'm an AP student. ASB Officer, man. I am so totally trustworthy, really.
Cop: You don't have anything?
Me: Umo...I have my student ID card?
Cop: **scrutinizes my poor ID card, which, may I add, has a very ugly picture on it**
Me: Well, umo...y'know, gimme five minutes to go buy a Snapple at the drug store across the street and I'll happily to go Branham's attendence office with you and prove it.
Cop: ...
Me: Did I mention I'm an ASB Officer?
Cop: Where are you headed now?
Me: Well, I was going to get a drink at Long's, and then I was heading back to campus to see if they needed help with the Homecoming Rally.
Cop: Hmmm...
Me: C'mon, if I was ditching school do you think I'd be stupid enough to be blatantly hanging out across the street from my school.
Cop: That would be poor judgement.
Me: No kidding. Did I mention how much I admire cops, by the way? Because, you know, after the September 11th thing, I realized just how cool you guys are, ferreal. Liar liar liar.
Cop: Normally, I'd have to take you in my car...
Me: Iiiieeee...
Cop: I'm going to let you go this time, but you should get a pass or something from your school so that this doesn't happen every time a policeman pulls over, because they won't always be as nice as me.
Me: Yes, sir. Understood, sir. **salute and then edge away slowly**
Cop: **gets back in his car**
Me: Aaaaaaaa! I thought I was gonna die! Why does this happen every time I leave campus? This is the fifth time since school started! Why-
Cop: I haven't left yet, you know.
Me: **sweatdrop**
Oh yeah, it's just a typical day in the neighborhood. I'd whine about racial profiling, but there is no 'mutt eurasian' selection on their notepads, no da.

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