Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Rosicrucian Interview, Round Two (Second Time)

I had my interview with the Rosicrucian today regarding an internship with them. Part of me kept thinking, "I got this. I already did this once." But of course, the interview was with a different person who may be looking for something very different than the previous intern coordinator, so I couldn't get too cocky about it. Leaving this interview, I definitely didn't feel like I 'clicked' with Gee the way I did with the woman who interviewed me back in April...which is a little funny, given that Gee and I both have art history backgrounds so you'd think we'd talk about art, at least. He seems to be a much more liberal/alternative lifestyle personality type than I am, and I can't read his personality easily. Very dry sort of humor.

But it's definitely not the worst interview I've ever done. Gee said that he'd call me back after he had a chance to confirm the background check I'd done earlier in the year and we'd set up a training schedule. On the one hand, that's exactly how my other interview ended and then the intern coordinator left so I heard nothing. On the other, hooray! I've got a clean background so in a few weeks I should be starting at the Rosicrucian!
Tags: internship, rosicrucian

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