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09 December 2011 @ 01:35 pm
It's the most yummy time of the year!  
I know that the holiday season is here because one of the residents at RHA brought in a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies today.  How sweet of her.  <3  I'm always very surprised when the homeowners bring in little treats for the office staff.  Maybe if I'd grown up in a homeowners' association it wouldn't seem so weird, but it just wouldn't occur to me to give a gift to someone who works in the office.  I guess it's like giving a present to the postman, which I did one year because I feel badly that they always have to deliver packages to me.  At any rate, it's a lovely gesture.

Now, if only the rest of my life would settle down so I could get into the Christmas spirit.  (Ha ha.  I have no Christmas spirit.)  Regular classes are over - now all I have to do is get through finals.  Thank goodness!
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