Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

A video game + me? Whaaat?

To celebrate finishing with finals, I've busted out a new video game.  (I can't even remember the last time I had a new video game to play!)  I've been testing out Scribblenauts, which is a quirky little game for the Nintendo DS.  I bought it at Best Buy's Black Friday sale because I had heard that it was a very different sort of game, and $8.65 was just about as much as I was willing to spend on any video game.

I've never played anything else like it.  Basically, you're given a puzzle or scenario to solve - for example, give a farmer four animals to put into his barn.  You write the thing you think will solve this puzzle down - cow or chicken or mongoose, whatever it is. The game will then generate the item you've requested, and you drag it to your avatar-self so that he/she can use it and solve the puzzle.  This is fun and fine, but the real challenge is the next bit: you must complete the task four times with four different responses that work in order to finish off the level.

I've found that my creativity is apparently quite limited, because sometimes it's really hard to think of three more ways to deal with the problem!  Usually there's an obvious answer: if you're asked to dig a hole to get something buried in the ground, you can pick 'shovel' and complete the task.  But what else?  Earth mover?  Dog?  Dynamite?  (For some reason, my default answer is always 'dynamite' or 'bomb'.)  So far, I'm not all that great at the game, but it's a fun way to kill a little time.
Tags: video games

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