Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

How to have a relaxed evening after work...just kidding!

Tonight, I braved the scariness of holiday shoppers at the mall to hang out with my friend Janelle.  One thing I now know for sure: I absolutely do not miss working retail at this time of year!  Finding a parking spot was virtually impossible, and there were so many people in the mall that I felt like a poor little anchovy trying to swim against the rest of my school. 

I was trying to find Christmas presents for Sean's dad and brother, but it was so hard to concentrate on the crowds.  I was at Valley Fair,  which admittedly was not the best place to find something for Papa B - he's a very casual, laidback sort of guy when he isn't at work.  After a while, I gave up, and Janelle and I went across the street to Santana Row to have dinner.

On a cold December night, do you know what's awesome?  GREASY DELICIOUS HAMBURGERS!!!!  Or at least, a hot sandwich of some sort.  We went to The Counter, where you can order custom hamburgers/chicken sandwiches/whatnot and it was amazing.  Even though we were sitting outside, the food (sweet potato fries!) was so warm and the heating lamps the  restaurant put out so effective that it was delightful and comfortable.  Mmmm.  Even though I'm still totally stuffed, I almost start drooling thinking about it.
Kinda expensive though.  I guess I won't be eating there much...but it will be worth it when I do!

Funny, I'm the one who suggested going out to shop and I didn't even buy anything.  Sometimes it just goes that way, I guess.
Tags: retail, valley fair

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