Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Egyptian Museum, Day Two & Domestic Concerns at Seanie's

Today was my second day at the Egyptian Museum.  It was another busy day.  Children were running up and down the stairs; it seemed like half of my job is demanding, "Child, where is your adult??" and then making sure he/she doesn't leave his parents' side. In the museum there's a replica of a Middle Kingdom tomb, and normally there's a tour of it once in the afternoon.  Today it was so crowded that we had to do three tours, which was exhausting for the two or three volunteers who know the script. I can see why Gee is in such a hurry to get me trained up.

Gee also gave me a big stack of papers to work on memorizing; different talks and lectures that I'll be giving to school groups in just a few weeks.  They aren't difficult topics, per se: mummification, the Rosetta Stone,  Akhenaten, polytheism, and similar sorts of things.  The challenge will simply be making sure I have my dates right and that I'm presenting the interpretation that the Egyptian Museum wants, and not just any old crackpot theory I've stumbled across regarding the death of Tutankhamen or the fate of Nefertiti, and so on. 


After staring at mummy cases and child chases for eight hours, I went over to Seanie's house for pizza.  He was working, so we couldn't really hang out, but it was a nice quiet place to relax.  Seanie's actually not very happy right now, because he's got a mouse problem.  Somewhere, somehow, a mouse has gotten into the house and is nibbling away on things.  He's eluded the traps Seanie's put out: traditional snap trap, sticky trap, and an electric shock trap.  We don't know if he's living in the couch or if he's coming in from outside, because we've never actually seen him, just the bits of orange peels and droppings he's left behind.

Hopefully we'll figure out a way to get rid of him soon.  Seanie can't relax with him in the house, because all he can think about is a dirty little mouse crawling all over everything.  Poor guy. 
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