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Femme Fatale

I stole this from one of my pet darlings, she knows who she is. Love ya! It's a girly girl survey. (Help, I'm doing surveys.)
As a result, guys shouldn't read this, because a lot of it is about my PERSONAL GROOMING HABITS and wouldn't you prefer NOT TO KNOW THAT MUCH ABOUT ME?

are you a girl or a guy pretending to be one? A girl, onnanoko, muchacha, or äåâî÷êà. <- That's supposed to be Russian. X_x
How many hair products do you use?
Conditioner, shampoo, and hair mousse. Lots and lots of mousse. I think I have permanant brain damage from mousse seeping into my skull during the school day.
Blow-dryer? Nope, never have the time.
Curling iron? That's funny. As if.
Straigtening iron? No, but if I ever buy one I'll try it.
Shampoo: Thermasilk something-or-other. It doesn't make my hair silky though. -_-
At the moment, is your hair its natural color? Yes. It's very boring, you know.
Generally, is your hair nice to you? No, it's always frizzy and icky and it doesn't love me at all...;_;

How many makeup products do you use?
Eyes: None. I have glasses, so what's the point? Besides, I hate having things near my eyes. In 7th grade, Kitty tried to put blue mascara on my eyes for a dance - we spent 45 minutes trying before we gave up. I kept blinking/squirming/making life miserable for Kitty. Oops.
Face: I wash it every day, but other than that I don't do squat. I'm sure it shows.
Lips: Strawberry chapstick, or Orange Hemp, depending on what I have with me. That's it.
Are your nails painted right now? No, but they've been colored with a pink highlighter.

How many skin products do you use?
Two or three.
Face wash? Religiously.
Face moisturizer? Got to, my face is dry like the Sahara.
Lotions? Oh yeah. Berry anything.
Do you have more girl friends than guy friends?'s pretty equal, actually. But my girl friends know each other, whereas the guys are mostly isolated.
Count your friends. How many?Oh, that's too hard. I won't even bother. I mean, are we talking best friends? Casual friends? Friends on-line or friends in person? That's impossible, dude...

Girl power theme song:
Rinbu Revolution. I don't know why. It's not really a "girl power" sort of song.
Favorite girl group: I dunno...Two-Mix? I don't think that's a group, though...I'll just say Dixie Chicks, because they're the only group I can think of. Honest.
Best female performer in history? Satou Akemi, man. Why not? Seriously, I haven't a clue who to choose. I haven't seen any of them perform, after all.
Most annoying girl singer: Obviously it's Brittany Spears. But the Spice Girls run a close second.
You know, there's such a thing as too personal, and this is it. No way.
Have you shopped in the past week?
Yesterday, actually, with Kitty, Bandaid, and Christian. It was fun! Not really.
Are you an impulse buyer? Very much so, that's why inventions like eBay are so dangerous. Speaking of, I got kicked off of eBay today and I haven't got a clue why. I could cry, seriously. Instead, I will just wait several months until I'm finally legal and then register somehow. I can't wait that long, I'll go insane. I'll find some way to cheat the system, wait and see! What I need to know is why I got kicked off, though. IT'S KILLING ME.
yay! the end!!! Yay is right.


I hate surveys, so why do I do them? Darn it all...

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