Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Seanie's home yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I can never remember who I have shared this with and who I have not, so sorry if this is repetitious to you: Seanie works for one of the major tech blogs as an associate editor, so every once in a while he gets to fly off on epic adventures to different electronics-related events.

Seanie was at CES for...I don't even remember how long! A week? Two weeks? For most of the month of January, anyway. It was a little lonely without him. I mean, OK, I've had school and the Rosicrucian to keep me busy, and a cold that distracted me further because I was walking around in a drug-induced haze, but I still missed him. Today he finally came home again, so tired that he was pretty much a zombie. Poor guy. He was writing 12-14 hours a day and hardly sleeping!

But then again, he has a job that's both cool and pays decently, so maybe he doesn't get to complain too much. :-p He's terrified that he's going to get fired because sometimes he wasn't the fastest worker, but I'm sure he'll be fine.
Tags: seanie

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