Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Fill that hole in my tooth.

I had to get a filling in one of my front teeth today. It's always a joy to get a drill in your mouth, right? I shouldn't complain. My dentist is quite good; he has a very deft touch and I have never, ever felt afraid of him. He numbed my lower lip up good today; I couldn't feel it until late afternoon, which meant I couldn't chew or spit properly all day long. Also, I may have been drooling slightly; I'm not sure because I couldn't feel my lower lip at all.

But there's something about getting a tooth drilled that always leaves me curious. My dentist uses both a drill and a laser. The drill makes the expected zzzzwhhrrrrrr noise that a drill makes. Fine and dandy. But lasers don't make a sound like a lightsaber being unsheathed, or some sort of zapping noise. That would make sense to me. Instead, the laser makes a weird popping noise that makes me think of someone playing with bubble wrap. Not at all the sound I imagine from a laser.

I also got a facial today. I had a Groupon that was expiring in a few weeks and it seemed like a good day to get appointments done. Ah, now my face feels so smooth. I would probably have scheduled another appointment if they've asked, but one odd thing I've noticed about these beauty spas that run Groupon deals is that they don't often try to schedule a follow-up appointment. Do they not want you to come back because they think you're cheap? I mean, I assumed that the whole reason one would offer a discounted facial on Groupon was to get people to come in and hopefully sign them on to a regular routine! Otherwise, it seems like a bit of a waste of marketing dollars.

I shouldn't complain, though. My skin feels great, the hole in my tooth has been filled and I can finally feel my lower lip. Life is good.
Tags: dentist

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