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Disneyland Christmas, Days Two & Three

Disneyland has been so much fun. It's really the perfect spot for a few days of relaxation...even if we are right in the thick of the holiday crowds.


Jeannie and I have been pin-trading up a storm with cast members; Bryan told us that he would buy us some pins if we got him some Daisy and Minnie pins for his niece, and we're both trying to complete a set of “comic book villain” pins:

Not every pin-trading store seems to carry these pins; I've only seen them at the trading post in Frontierland and one of the Tomorrowland shops.

I've been too lazy to take photographs, so it's a good thing Jeannie and Seanie have been such shutterbugs.

Group picture from the first day

Group picture with all five of us...ugh, that coat makes me look fat. Mental note not to wear that one anymore...

Jeannie's favorite ride in the park is probably the Jungle Cruise, and on this trip we did it at night for the first time:

It's pretty cool at night because the guides can mess around with lighting, bringing a new element to the ride. On the other hand, the skippers are pretty tired and get snarky and sarcastic when there aren't nearly as many kids on the boat rides.

Of course, we did the ride during the daytime, too.

I, on the other hand, really like the Matterhorn, and for once it wasn't under construction. (Seriously, it seems like every time I go to Disneyland the ride's being refurbished for one reason or another!!) I just love how the mountain dominates the entire Fantasyland area. I can't help but wonder, though, why it's on that side of the park....wouldn't a mountaineering/bobsled ride be more appropriate over in Adventureland?

Christmas decorations are everywhere, even in places you wouldn't expect. Storyland, for example, is one of those ancient, old-fashioned rides that would be easy to overlook. But the Imagineers still add Christmas decorations to the little houses...

Jeannie took some more pictures of the Haunted Mansion, too:

Naturally, there were other holiday items to be found throughout the park:

More random pictures...

If I remember correctly, this “enchanted pond” is the home of the Neverland fairies during the day?

Because I can't go to Disneyland without taking a picture with Mulan!

Why does he always look so startled in his portrait? I mean, why would the painter use that facial expression?


Snow White!
The princess that I honestly don't give a fig for, but she was cute by her wishing well.

After a while, Seanie just got goofy with the camera.

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